Welcome to the Madoo Conservancy, a magical oasis set on an enchanting 2-acre landscape in the heart of Sagaponack.

  • Monday Mornings At Madoo Program.KidsMondayAM

    Alternate Mondays, Beginning April 11

    An hour of storytelling in the Magnolia Bosque featuring storytellers from the Hampton Library at the ready to keep your child enthralled with stories from near and far. Pack a picnic lunch and hang out a while. Please contact the Hampton Library at 631-537-0015 to confirm dates and times, or if the weather is questionable.

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  • The new Robert Dash Greenhouse Benef-c.-Richard-Lewin-300w

    Many thanks to our donors who made our new greenhouse a reality.

    We raised over $28,000 to rebuild the greenhouse at Madoo. The old one, often likened to a carbuncle, has been replaced with a state-of-the-art structure with automatic window vents and efficient heating. Come late February we’ll be planting tomato seedlings for summer harvest.

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  • Did you Know? IMG_7993

    The Spring Starflower (Ipheion uniflorum) Circa 1836, these fragrant star-shaped flowers range from white to pale blue to deep periwinkle. Its pale green, grass-like foliage can smell like garlic when crushed. It is a strong naturalizer and is both deer- and rodent-resistant.

  • The Chat alejandro

    by Alejandro Saralegui,

    I find myself writing this letter to you with particularly hopeful thoughts. The world around us may be bleak but here at Madoo we have much to be thankful for and many great plans for the future. During our on-site board retreat this past fall, we came up with a new way for visitors to experience Madoo. We are going to create a half dozen or so new mini-guides of Madoo with abbreviated tours of the garden that have a purpose. Looking for peace and solace? We might suggest you go to the the hermit’s hut and meditate. Wanting to unleash your creative side? Why not take a stroll to the Asian pond garden and sketch? We’ll provide the pencils and paper. We hope these new maps will bring the power of Madoo into our daily lives.

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