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Past Exhibitions

  • Marina Adams: SongLines (November - December 2019)

    The Madoo Conservancy is pleased to present Marina Adams: SongLines, an exhibition of Adams’ recent explorations in form and color. The exhibition will be on view in the summer studio from November 30 through December 28, 2019. “Viewing her work is like being in the passenger seat next to a driver who knows how to take the road with supreme dexterity and implicit attentiveness; you feel safe at any speed.” -Barry Schwabsky, Artforum. Marina Adams is considered one of the foremost non-objective artists working today, known for monumental paintings composed of vast areas of vibrant color within organic geometries. Though the smaller scale of the paintings in SongLines implies and lends itself to moments of intimate contemplation, it also creates a tension, both physical and metaphysical, where pulsating colors are barely contained and push the boundaries of the canvas.

  • Laurie Lambrecht: Limn to Limb

    The Madoo Conservancy is pleased to participate in this year’s Parrish Road Show, the Parrish Art Museum’s off-site cultural engagement program, with an exhibition by Bridgehampton artist Laurie Lambrecht. The exhibition will be on view at Madoo from October 5 through November 3, 2019. The site-specific installation, Laurie Lambrecht: Limn to Limb, celebrates the legacy of Robert Dash’s gardens by responding to Madoo’s environment and brightly-painted structural details with interventions that include photography, printmaking, weaving, and knitting. Limn to Limb comprises three elements: large-scale prints of tree bark, hand-knitted covers for stones, weavings with photo printed fabric, and the use of hand-dyed twine and burlap as a decorative, contrasting element on the grounds.

  • Fields and Fences: Paintings 1998-99 (August - October 2019)

    Fields and Fences: Paintings 1998-99, is a selection of paintings by Robert Dash on view in the summer studio. The exhibition will be on view from August 9 through October 12, 2019, and is free and open to the public. “The field was tended and cherished like any object of vertu. Unlike porcelain, however, whose pieces may be glued, the field is valueless and irreclaimable, the light of centuries of harvest snuffed.” —Robert Dash, Notes from Madoo. The paintings from the series Fields and Fences are indebted to Robert Dash’s well-known paintings from the 1960s and 70s of a now all but vanished Sagaponack landscape. Vibrant orange and yellow, pink and red, laid down with brushstrokes alternately fluid and harsh, pushing past the now ambiguous forms (fence or phallus) carefully scrawled in dark gestural lines of charcoal.

  • Madoo A History in Photographs (May - August 2019)

    Madoo: A History in Photographs, Celebrating 25 Years as a Public Garden is an exhibition of photographs, published book and magazine features, and artwork from the archives of Madoo’s founder Robert Dash, including seven pictures Dash produced directly from his garden. The exhibition is curated by Southampton-based landscape architect Perry Guillot, who lived at Madoo during the summer from 1987-1994. As Guillot describes, “the photographs show the evolution of Madoo from a remote extension of the adjacent farm fields into the ever-evolving joyful mashup of planting combinations that only Bob could explain.”

    A collection of photographs ranging from 1970 through 2018, by Robert Dash, Hans Namuth, Mick Hales, Derek Fell, Rameshwar Das, among others, reveal the notion of Madoo as gesamkunstwerk—one complete artwork that brings together Dash’s life’s work in painting, gardening, and poetry—as well as his inner circle of artist and writer friends. Early gestural botanical studies, on public view for the first time, anticipate later more abstract works such as the florilegium series, exhibited in 2017. Dash’s Fire Screen, a double-sided garden-inspired painting on an actual fire screen from the house, demonstrates a further link between the house itself and the gardens, as well as the circular nature of the piece as it later became an integral part of defining the interiors at Madoo.

  • Florilegium: Paintings by Robert Dash (2018)

    An exhibition of Robert Dash’s Florilegium paintings, a painterly exploration of flowers in exaggerated proportions with lush coloring.

  • Not Nature: Laurie Lambrecht, Steve Miller, and Darius Yektai (2018)

    Not Nature, a group exhibition with East End-based artists Laurie Lambrecht, Steve Miller and Darius Yektai, will be on view through December 22, 2018, on Saturdays from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.. This is our second annual artist-curated fall exhibition.


    Each artist featured in Not Nature reveals their own profound connection to our environment, as land, sea and air are absorbed through the senses and materialized as their art form. While nature remains the source and essence of their work, artists Lambrecht, Miller, and Yektai have taken their own various departures from naturalistic representation. We look forward to welcoming this exhibition of local artists in our Summer Studio, the original studio of Madoo’s founder, Robert Dash.

  • Touch the Earth (2017)

    Touch The Earth, an exhibition curated by April Gornik, features works from Robert Dash, Michele Oka Doner, and Toni Ross.